Global Online Academy

Department: Miscellaneous

Description: Harker is a member of this consortium of independent schools from around the country and world. There is no requirement for Harker students to take a Global Online Academy course, but students may find that these elective offerings, taught through a different medium by teachers from member schools and taken with other students from these schools, enrich their education. All GOA courses have asynchronous components (students participate each day on their own schedules) and synchronous components (when students collaborate together or work with their teacher, generally using video conferencing software). A GOA course counts as one of a Harker student’s six courses - it cannot be taken as an Extra Period Option course. The student will have a “free” period in the schedule for the GOA course, but significant time and energy must be committed to the GOA course both during this “free” period and during traditional evening homework time. Basic logistical requirements to take a GOA course include having Skype installed on the computer, but individual courses may have additional requirements. A student who is interested in taking a GOA course must go to the GOA website to read the full description of the course and register and then contact the Harker academic dean for further information. Registration for a GOA course is a multistep process that begins with these steps.

Interview with: Ms. Horan

Produced by: Evan Cheng