Life in Silicon Valley

In our newest series, we explore how factors like parenting and technology effect our lives here in Silicon Valley.

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Episode Three - Blockchain Decrypted

Blockchain? Cryptocurrency? We hear these big words thrown around all day, but what do they actually mean? Why should we care about what they mean? In our third episode of Life in Silicon Valley, we explore blockchain and cryptocurrency with an exclusive interview with Cryptokitties, an online video game allowing users to trade virtual cats. Then, we talk to student Sayon Biswas about his experiences in Cryptokitties and students Cameron Jones and Johnny Wang about how they utilize Blockchain in H-Crypt.

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Episode Two - Hypebeasts 

Why the heck would someone pay a six hundred dollars for a gray hoodie? How do high school students make thousands of dollars selling clothes on the resell market? If there's so much demand for these clothes, why don't brands like Supreme and Off White simply produce more clothes or raise their prices? In the second episode of Life in Silicon Valley, we look at hypebeasting from the perspective of buyers like Jack and sellers like Mohan and Shomrick. We also ask economics teachers Mr. Halback and Mr. Lepler to explain the economics behind hypebeasting.

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Episode One - A Child's Career, A Parent's Influence

In the first episode of Life in Silicon Valley, we're exploring the dynamics of parent-child relationships and how parents influence our career aspirations. We speak to two teachers who grew up in Silicon Valley: Ms. Horan, a high school psychology teacher who helps us understand the science behind the parent-child relationship, and Mr. Draper, an actor and high school theater teacher who discusses the importance of the arts and offers advice for students pursuing a career in the arts. In addition, we discuss with two high school students their relationship with their parents and how their parents may have influenced their career aspirations.  Check out the full interviews here!