AP English Literature and Composition vs. English Electives

Department: English

Course Description for AP English Literature and Composition: This literature and composition component of Advanced Placement English develops students’ skills from previous study of British and American literature and prepares students for the rigorous end-of-year exam. Students will familiarize themselves with a wide range of literary responses to the human condition and participate in the discourse at an intensive level demonstrating independence of thought. Students will experience an abundance of literary voices such as Samuel Beckett, Elizabeth Bishop, Albert Camus, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, John Donne, T.S. Eliot, John Guare, Thomas Hardy, Langston Hughes, James Joyce, Chan-rae Lee, Toni Morrison, Mary Oliver, Sylvia Plath, Adrienne Rich, William Shakespeare, Tom Stoppard and Virginia Woolf. As this course intends to simulate a college-level seminar, students will be expected to achieve clarity of expression in discussion as well as in writing. Students will be encouraged to engage in literary dialogue with their peers and instructor, so the environment will be dynamic and student-centered. College-level writing skills will be stressed. Close textual analysis and interpretive essay writing will be practiced daily with a view towards considerations of structure, style, theme and socio-historical context. Frequent timed essays and occasional objective exams on reading assignments will model the AP exam. Informal, exploratory writing activities will serve as aids in prompting discussionand in evaluating whether or not students are balancing generalizations and specific illustrative details. Revision skills will be refined through peer editing and teacher evaluation. Assessments include one-on-one conferencing between instructor and student, rubric creation and analysis, and written feedback regarding prose style, rhetoric, and attention to standard grammar and syntax. In semester two, students will complete a researched essay.

Prerequisite for AP English Literature and Composition: English 3 or Honors English 3 and departmental approval. UC approved.

Elective Courses: The English department offers a variety of electives for seniors, which will stimulate their interest through courses that are designed to deepen appreciation for literature. Course offerings focus on genres, literary periods, the history of ideas, individual authors or literary stylistics. Electives offered in the fall semester require a subject-specific research essay. With the exception of AP English: Literature and Composition, juniors, with approval, may take the electives in addition to the required English 3 course.

Interview with: Dr. Paskali

Produced by: Evan Cheng